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Welcome to Talpe Beach Restaurant & Bar

Great food, cool drinks, friendly service and a fantastic location; all of it can be summed down to just three words: Talpe Beach Restaurant.

Talpe Beach Restaurant is a gem of a place that is being discovered by increasingly more visitors. If a friend advised you to pay a visit to Talpe Beach Restaurant, then cherish him as a real friend. Once you spend time on Talpe Beach, you may find it hard to leave.

Beautiful sunsets and the ambiance of the location are some of the aspects, which everybody always falls in love with. No surprise, that Talpe Beach is a preferred location for wedding parties and romantic dinners. The serenity of the atmosphere and the fresh sea breeze will undoubtedly arouse your taste buds and before you know it, you're ordering the best and freshest seafood.

Talpe Beach Restaurant has received numerous compliments from visitors from around the world, but just look for yourself on TripAdvisor. The ocean, the beach and the refreshing breeze invite you to a lazy afternoon, laying on the cushioned sofas overlooking the Indian Ocean while tasting the best sea food and local curries of the Southern Coast.

Welcome to Talpe Beach Restaurant... Enjoy our version of Paradise.

  • About Talpe Beach

    Talpe Beach Introduction

    Welcome to Talpe Beach Restaurant, the best culinary experience of the Southern Coast. Famous for outstanding food and great ambiance: the perfect example for Beach Fine Dining with a casual flair.

  • Our Menu

    Talpe Beach Food

    We're proud to serve only the freshest food. Our seafood was still swimming around a few hours ago, our fruits and vegetables come from the local markets, our chickens were on an organic diet and our Australian beef took a direct non-stop flight. We prepare our food to reflect the freshness and original taste.

  • Special Events

    Talpe Beach Events

    Create moments to remember. Spend the most memorable moments of your life at Talpe Beach Restaurant! We are proud to say that our restaurant and premises are now open and can be reserved for your personal and special events. We're famous for weddings and BBQ for up to 60 guests.